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Phone Consultation WithSomeone On Our Coaching Team or Olumide Emmanuel Himself.
Please Note:
We don't have a ton of room for this, we only have a few spots, but we've got too much requests for coaching and mentorship, so we wanted to open up a few spots for very serious minded people for a more personal-level consultation.
Although  Olumide is one of the leading Wealth Creation Agents today, he has agreed to open a few slots in His schedule to coach (hand-hold) a few people through the wealth creation process, but we don't have the ability to help everyone so there's no guarantee that you will be called or selected to work with Olumide Emmanuel.
It is important that you will fill this form with as much detail as possible. It's not going to take you more than 5 minutes , so it's not a ridiculous amount of detail we are looking for. We do want you to try and answer the questions as honestly as you possibly can.
As soon as you finish looking at the form, we'll be looking at all the forms that are filled out, we'll be arranging a few 30 minutes consults, so we can help you along the way and see whether you're a good fit or not and whether we're a good fit for you, in terms of working together one-on-one.
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