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Want One-On-One Coaching To Create Multiple Streams Of Income?
I will personally walk with You To Create Additional Streams
Of Income, Start Eliminating Bad Debts & Create An Investment Portfolio Over the Next 6 Months

MSI Coaching Confidential Member New Application
Why "MSI Coaching" Is:
The Closest Thing To Free
Money That You'll Ever See!
       If you get accepted to MSI Coaching this how it will work:
        First We'll Get On the Phone
             and go over what you've already got
            1st: What does your financial picture look like?
            2nd: What does Your Core Stream look like?
            3rd: How Are You Generating A Stable Cashflow?
            4th: What Are You Doing In Terms Of Savings & Investments?
            5th: What Do You Want To Achieve Moving Forward
            Once we have those raw materials we'll focus on 6 things:
Build a simple financial plan for your future
Setting Up Your Cashflow Management System
And At Least 5 New Income Streams
Identify & Eliminate Holes In Your Pocket And
Unnecessary Sources Of Waste
Create & Implement A Debt Elimination Plan
Create and Supervise Your Investment/Savings Plan
Heal Broken Relationships & Establish New Meaningful Relationships
Get Immediate Access to the Zero-Resistance Action Blackbox"
And it's that simple

If your financial plan isn't right, you're headed for the rocks
If you're headed for the rocks, you can't become wealthy.
But if you get it right...then you can scale fast. 
You Could Literally Be Just a Few Small Tweaks Away from
DOUBLING, TRIPPLING or even QUADRUPLING your revenue...but
do know you what changes you need to make?

We'll Show You Inside Of MSI Coaching
A Word of Warning
We're looking for people who have value to prove the group.
Who love expanding, developing and LOVE to serve people at their highest level. Who want to be accountable, want guidance and know that every star has a coach.
So That's The Idea Behind "MSI Coaching"
To Grow a network of have these incredible experience together, and to deepen these relationships.

So if you're interested in applying to become a member of our special little group, here are the details.
Membership Criteria
Before I get to the particulars...
let me expalin who should apply for membership...the kind of members we're looking for.

First we're looking for "like-minded" folks from around the world.
I want people who value Financial Intelligence, Financial Planning and Financial Discipline like I do.

I want people who don't look for excuses, but look for ways to grow.

People who don't complain, but people who try to provide more value.

These are the types of people I want to welcome in as members.

Most important of all..

I want members who are positive...who see the potential in our club, and who are willing to help us make it one of the worlds best and most exclusive groups.

They say that your income will be the average of your 5 closest friends income.

And I believe that...don't you?

One of the FASTEST ways to increase your income is NOT always learn a new strategy...

Often times, its doing a better job picking your friends, and who you surround yourself with.

Thoughts and ideas are contagious and if you're spending your free time on Facebook discussing and sharing ideas with the broke people you accepted as "friends"...

Not only will your IQ will your amount of money you make.

It's a proven fact.

Today, with the exception of my family,

Nothing has been my important to me in my life than the incredible opportunities I've gain from my friendships and associations with other accomplished individuals.

And so, with this letter, I would like to invite you to apply to join our special club.
I'm very excited about this private group of friends we've put together, I think you'll be too.
A Word of Warning
Before we go any further, I want you to know upfront that there are only a few things I won't tolerate...
First and foremost, this club is NOT A PLACE FOR you to sell to other members...
The "Coaching Academy" is not, nor will it ever be a place to come and recruit clients or customers.

In the club we are peers...
If you're plan is to make money by selling things to our members - we recommend instead that you go the Chambers of Commerce

I want to make sure that the club exists for one reason only - to serve the interests of it's members.
So...after everything I've told you, if you are
still interested in joining "MSI Coaching Academy",
Here's What To Do Next:
At the buttom of this page you will find a link to the "MSI Coaching" application form.

The application process is free. But the Program is Not Free.

It has a few basic questions we'd like you to answer, so we can get to know you a little better.

Please fill out this application completely with as much detail as possible.

If your application is approved, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview between you and the director of our Olumide Emmanuel Coaching Program.

If you are approved, you will become an official member of the Multiple Stream of Income Coaching and e can get to work on your life and business.
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